D-35 Damyang International Bamboo Exposition 2015

Bamboo, Juknokwon, Bamboo Exposition, Damyang

Damyang, a small town in South Jeolla, is all about bamboo. Bamboo, symbolizing the integrity and loyalty of the ancestors, has been a big part of people’s lives there. It has been used to accommodate a wide variety of everyday needs, being used to make baskets, pillows, hats, mats, and portable fans. Since ancient times, bamboo has been a popular green material making Damyang a leading eco-friendly city.

With “bamboo for a greener future” as its tagline, the 2015 Damyang International Bamboo Exposition will introduce the past, present, and future of bamboo and educate visitors about the wide variety of uses for bamboo including artwork, biotechnology, architecture, textiles, food and landscape gardening. The fair, which promotes an eco-friendly culture and environment, will be held at Juknokwon, South Korea’s most famous bamboo garden.

Damyang Bamboo Fair 2

The fair will be divided into five theme zones featuring different programs: Future Value Zone, Academic Zone, Meeting Zone, Creativity Zone, and the Unity Zone. The Future Value Zone exhibit features an outdoor gallery, with bamboo paintings and sculptures, that gives an overview of bamboo and its history in Korea. The Academic Zone will host international conferences including the 10th World Bamboo Congress. The family friendly Creativity Zone will have bamboo arts and crafts and the Meeting zone will be used for both opening and closing ceremonies. Lastly, the Unity Zone will feature bamboo ecology, science, architecture, history, and international exchange status conferences.

The 2015 Damyang International Bamboo Exposition is great for nature lovers and those looking to learn about eco-friendly, sustainable products. The stunning scenery of bamboo forests and the crisp autumn air will be worth it alone.