Craft Beer Fest Korea

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Craft Beer Festival


On Saturday July 5th, Media Paran is set to host “Craft Beer Fest Korea” at Duke’s, located near the War Memorial Museum in Yongsan-gu. The outdoor event will feature 24 locally-crafted beers, as well as a craft beer tasting and introduction, food tastings, and a great line up of live music. The W25,000 admission (W40,000 at door) will get you eight four ounce beer tastings (choose from 24 beers, a slice of pizza, nacho chips, and various snacks). Participating companies include: Craftworks Taphouse, Platinum, Weizen Haus, Craftone, Lovibond, Levee Brewery, On the Border, California Pizza Kitchen, and High Street Market. Tickets go on sale May 26th, and can be purchased offline at these participating businesses: Duke’s, Craftworks Taphouse, Craftone, Lovibond, Levee Brewery, High Street Market, and Koridoor (USO). For more information, check out Craft Beer Fest Korea’s Facebook page.


Duke’s, Yongsan-gu. 5 pm – 10 pm. W25,000., 010-5269-3022