Clubbing Pick: Vurt. Opening Weekend


Over the past few years, while the vast majority of Korea has fallen in love with the idea of going bigger with the nightlife scene, it has been easy to lose track of the fact that there are still venues, DJs, and producers that are dedicated to more subdued and nuanced areas of electronic music.

This week’s pick focuses on a group that has worked in many different capacities;  as producers for Korean label ECI (as well as others), as music directors for venues such as Ellui and Mute, and event planners and DJs at countless rooms across the city.  These guys aren’t exactly known for “hands in the air” tunes, but take their craft very seriously and cater to a crowd of die-hard fans of techno and darker tech house, a growing scene that is a steady, crucial counterbalance to the club music fads and trends that swell and fade in the blink of an eye.

DJI, Suna, Unjin, Mix Architekt, Soolee, and SJP0 are the driving force behind the new venue “Vurt.” located on the fringes of Hongdae, a bit closer to Hapjeong station. (see map image below)  Hongdae is an area known for counterculture, and we’re assuming that while this out-of-the-way spot could present a challenge for the team to bring in people, those that do make the journey are surely there for the right reasons and will be more than willing to repeat that journey.

The imagery used to promote the vibe and atmosphere at the club (seen here on the facebook profile page) is pretty evocative of their brand of nightlife.  It all seems a bit post-apocalyptic and bleak, and to be honest the sound isn’t for everyone…but that’s exactly how they like it.

If you’re up for something a bit off the beaten path both literally and culturally, check out the opening of Vurt. this weekend.

Location:  11 Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Entry:  15,000 KRW (includes one drink)


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