Clubbing Pick: KOnnEX @ Dojo

Saturday 9th of August: KOnnEX

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I’ve been living in the Kyungnidan (yes, that is the OFFICIAL spelling…I decided) for over five years now, and as many of you know, the last year has seen a literal explosion of development and gentrification. I’ll leave the pros and cons aside for another discussion, but I wanted to bring things back to the corner of where the development really began.

Right at the entrance to the main road of Kyungnidan (for those of you who don’t know the area, simply exit out of Noksapyeong and follow any one of the number of groups of young girls buried in their smartphones’ map apps) there is a cluster of restaurants that has been there for a few years, before the real “boom” hit, and right below the lynchpin of the neighborhood Noxa, is Dojo Lounge.

Owned and operated by people who actually live in the neighborhood and have for years, Dojo has managed to stay relatively “hipster free” from the trendy masses washing over the neighborhood and hosts regular events for people who are truly there for their own reasons, not because they read about it from a paid/bribed blogger. The atmosphere is super friendly, the staff, party hosts and bands/DJs playing really create a true social environment, and despite having an upscale and trendy interior, the spirit of the venue itself overall makes it stands in stark contrast to the tourist traps that continue to flood the surrounding area.

This Saturday Dojo is hosting another one of its monthly series parties, KOnnEX. Playing off the words KOrean and EXpatriate, the event features a mix of both Korean and expat DJs and musicians. While this might not exactly be a completely novel idea, the real difference is the venue itself and the people hosting it. No posing and posturing on patios, no selfies with overpriced treats, just real people in a real spot getting down to really good music. DJs Adroit Joe, Lucide, and Supra are heading up the KO side, while MYKIAN and Run Catch Kiss are covering the EX side. There are a handful of drink specials to keep the party loose and as always with Dojo, NO COVER ALL NIGHT.

Dojo is located at the entrance to Kyungnidan Street (opposite HBC) at 671 Itaewon Dong and is just a short 3 minute walk from Noksapyeong station.  For more information call 02-790-1334


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