Clubbing Pick: DJ NORI @ B One and Venue


One of the most vivid memories I have from high school was when one of my history teachers began the school year by swinging a pendulum back and forth in the classroom silently for several minutes before beginning his opening lecture.  In it, he described the cyclical nature of history, trends, fashion, ideologies, etc.  He pointed out our kind of “grunge” attire and how it was a throwback to 60’s and 70’s styles, with the sharp edges, bright colors, and tight fits of the 80’s being the counter throwback of the 50’s.

This memory came back to me recently in a discussion with friends about popular music.  I drew up the analogy that the current fad of EDM has serious echoes of the 80’s hair bands.  The jetsetting lifestyles, the huge production of the live shows, the focus on the artist as a kind of demigod/superstar…you see where I’m going with this.  The debate continues as to what the next trend will be, but one thing we all agreed upon was that house music, TRUE house music will continue to be created and enjoyed by those who seek it out.  Trouble is, it can be a bit tricky to find good house when you want it.

This weekend, we’re doubling up on a visit from a house legend, DJ NORI.  Famous for being on the ground floor of house culture development in New York City with artists like Frankie Knuckles (RIP) and Larry Levan (with whom he frequently partnered at Paradise Garage), NORI represents how those who stay true to what they love can remain relevant no matter what the popular market does.  NORI has weathered the storm of countless genre fads and continues to provide fans of true house music places and parties to hear it, and we’re excited for his visit to Seoul.

On both Friday and Saturday night, NORI will play in Itaewon, and the venues themselves lend a rather poetic nod to the staying power of house music.  On Friday, NORI will play at B One which is, without question, a representation of “Team Nu Itaewon”, and on Saturday he will step down into Venue, which is, without question, a strong representation of “Team Old School Itaewon.”  Whether you choose to attend one of the events or both of them, we can guarantee a good crowd and a good DJ lineup (*disclaimer, including myself at B One) to support NORI for his set.

We recommend arriving early to both events, as B One has notoriously long lineups and wait times, and Venue’s size can create a bit of a capacity issue as the night goes on.  Cover for the event at B One (located directly next to exit 2 of Itaewon station) is 10,000 KRW.  Entry for Venue (located in the third alley towards Noksapyeong headed out from Itaewon Station exit #1) is FREE.

For information/table reservations at B One call 02-749-6164 / 010-2606-6164 / 010-4067-6164

For information/table reservations at Venue call 02-790-0840

Nori Venue

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