Clubbing Pick: Battle Night at Octagon 8.01.2014

Battle Night

We’re in the middle of “vacation” in Korea, when somehow, over the course of history every institution in the country decided that these two weeks are designated as time off for everyone from students to public servants.  It’s interesting, because there’s a sort of balance between the surplus of those who are off and stick around Seoul and are out more, and the deficit of those who have left the city or (GASP!!) even gone overseas.  Vacation or not, clubs around the city are open to cater to whoever happens to be out, and this weekend Octagon has conjured up something pretty cool to draw people in.

It’s not unusual for a club to have a “hype man” on stage…someone to add a little flavor to what the DJ is dropping.  It can add an extra layer to the entertainment and really bring the crowd to life if you have the right combination and this Friday Octagon has three combos going in what I believe is their first official “Battle Night.”  A lot of these guys have worked together in one way or another at parties, clubs and festivals, but this should be a real treat to experience.

The teams are HAUSK and Goldtea (Octagon’s resident dancehall MC), Freakhouze and Pinnacle, TheHustler, and PLUSMINUS with Saul Goode.  Each DJ has a pretty unique style, and each MC does as well so the chance to catch all six guys in action (I’m betting there will be a lot of crossover on the MC tip) should be fun way to spend your Friday night if you’re staying in Seoul.

Octagon is located at the New Hilltop Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong.  It can easily be reached via public transportation by heading out of exit 4 of Hakdong station (line #7) or by taxi.  Cover is 10,000 KRW before 11PM.  After 11PM it jumps to 30,000 KRW so try to arrive early.  For more information and table reservations to get the full Octagon experience, call 02-516-8847.

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