Clara’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Polaris Entertainment

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Shot by via Wikimedia
Shot by via Wikimedia

Clara’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Polaris Entertainment

Words by Wendy Lee

Actress Clara has filed a lawsuit against her agency Polaris Entertainment to nullify her contract on the grounds that the agency’s president has sexually harassed her. Clara signed a 4-year contract with the agency last June, but the president supposedly sent inappropriate text messages such as “I am married, but I have a girlfriend” and “You are different from other celebrities. You are fresh and make my heart flutter” and even invited her out for drinks. Apparently, he also fired a man whom she was working with out of speculation that he was her boyfriend.

The agency has denied all accusations, claiming that Clara has falsified claims to cancel her contract and that the agency has actually pressed charges first against Clara and her father for threat. Apparently, Clara admitted that she fabricated stories of sexual harassment to void her contract and apologized to the agency in tears, prior to initiating her own lawsuit.

As the public was thrown into confusion about which side to believe, Dispatch, an entertainment news outlet well-known for revealing many celebrity couples and scandals, has supposedly gotten hold of the KakaoTalk conversation between Clara and the President and has revealed its contents.

The content of the conversation painted a different picture from what Clara has defined as sexual harassment. In fact, Clara was shown initiating a lot of the conversations with “Good morning, President” and even sent photos of her lingerie photo shoots, to which the President responded with “Your eyes and pose are captivating.”

The conversations followed a similar pattern, in which Clara sent photos of herself or texts in a rather flirtatious manner and the President simply went along. Clara’s side has retaliated, arguing that the conversations were edited and cropped to reveal only a part of the story, benefitting the President.

Whether the two contradicting stories can ever be reconciled remains to be seen, but hopefully a form of compromise can be reached in the near future.

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