ChaeBee: How To Travel To Busan Easily This Summer

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For FITs (Foreign Independent Travelers), the most common difficulties when traveling are dealing with language barriers and adjusting to unfamiliar cultures. These factors often make traveling complicated, as figuring out directions en route to your destination can quickly become tiresome without the proper knowledge or guidance.

For travelers who get nervous with the matters mentioned above, or for someone who’d just prefer a hassle-free trip, ChaeBee is a mobile tour guide app that provides services in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. Available via the App Store or Google Play, ChaeBee provides services that range from travel consultations to personalized tour guides for those who are traveling in Korea. With 15 different customized themes to suit your personal preferences, ChaeBee is the perfect app to download for those who are planning out their next holiday trip.

ChaeBee’s Summer Busan Promotion

During the hot summer months in Korea, who can resist a road trip to the gorgeous beaches in Busan? For those planning to travel to the largest port city in the country, ChaeBee is running their special Summer Busan Promotion.

From July 4 to August 31, ChaeBee is offering an 80% discount on their Mguide services to the first 100 people who sign up. Here’s what the eligible winners will receive:

1. A Free 7-day Unlimited Data SIM Card

The first 100 people to buy the Mguide product on ChaeBee to tour Busan starting July 4 will receive a 7-day unlimited data SIM card that’ll be accessible anywhere in South Korea! If you are visiting from overseas, especially, this will be a huge advantage, as buying an unlimited sim card and a Busan tour card (another gift that will be mentioned soon) in Korea will cost you more than one single Mguide package (priced at around $15) during this promotional period.

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2. A Busan Tour Cardbusan tour card

The Busan Tour Card was introduced recently by the city of Busan to make traveling more comfortable for visitors coming to the city. The card can be used for transit (metro, bus, taxi, etc.) or at a variety of affiliated stores (such as convenience stores, department stores, movie theatres, and restaurants), and recharged and refunded at any point during your stay!

Here’s how Mguide works: scroll through different travel locations and packages on ChaeBee and click one that catches your eye. Check out the prices, schedule availability, descriptions, and reviews to make sure that the specified travel product will be a good fit for you.

If you don’t see a travel package that suits your preferences, you can always request a 1:1 personalized consultation through which you can explain your desired city of travel, specific requests, and travel duration to ChaeBee’s Mguides, who are nationally certified Korea travel experts. Your consultation will be reviewed by not one Mguide, but several, in order to provide you with the best possible personalized special travel course. After you book and finalize your purchase, your booking will then be confirmed by ChaeBee. Afterward, you will be assigned a personal Mguide, who will answer any questions you may have regarding your travel plans via text message.

After you arrive in Korea and are prepared to begin your travels with ChaeBee, all you have to do is give your phone a shake to start your trip. Your Mguide will keep in touch with you throughout your travels in real-time via text, voice call, or video chat in case you need any travel information/tips, directions, or interpretation services!

ChaeBee also offers a driving tour guide, or Dguide, in Korea that includes a vehicle and bilingual guide, interpretation service, and a tour service. Check out their official site for more details.