Revolución: Flavorful Caribbean Cuisine in Seoul

Caribbean Cuisine at Revolución Seoul

Foodies have long considered Caribbean cuisine an overlooked gem of flavourful spice and beautifully slow cooked meats. For whatever reason, this deeply satisfying and unique collection of tastes, textures and warming, hearty fare has yet to connect with a mainstream audience. Revolución Bar and Guesthouse are aiming to change all that and cause something of a Jamaican and Caribbean food, err, how can I phrase it? Ah yes a turnaround in people’s thinking.

Caribbean Cuisine at Revolución SeoulDuck is a regal, rich Rolls Royce of a meat, I like it so much I’m surprised I am not found more often by park lake sides holding a slingshot and drooling. The duck and brie sandwich pulls off the impressive feat of being both subtle and powerful, low key and high impact. The mustard here as elsewhere on the menu falls delightfully somewhere between an intolerable American yellow, and a lusty, nasal English, with a dash of acidic wholegrain thrown in for good measure.

Caribbean Cuisine at Revolución SeoulThe Cubano is a full-throated 1950’s Norton motorcycle of a sarnie — with white-meat pork for substance and bite, as well as cured hams, gherkins and a dash of the specialty mustard combo for a slightly spicy, sour punch. Rich and warming, with just enough moisture, it’s another Caribbean favorite that works surprisingly well in cold weather.

Caribbean Cuisine at Revolución SeoulToo many places consider the simple grilled cheese sandwich something that needs no help, and consequently do nothing to assist or boost the flavour. But here the creative culinaires turn what could be basic into a special treat.

Patties are also available and perhaps the most delicious dipping sauce this side of Bangkok. There’s a great real ale and wine selection to suit every pocket and the place oozes charm, and personality. The niggle I have, is that they perhaps are underselling themselves; with the flavour combinations, taste, and textural options they have at their disposal, I hope to see curried goat and mutton, and chicken rice and peas on the menu soon! If they don’t do that, well I might just have to foment an uprising… a resistance… A political upheaval… a PUTSCH!

Address: 225-56 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu
Phone: 02-792-8398
Hours: 6:00 pm – 1:00 am; Closed Wednesday