Bus Cameras to Curb Illegal Parking

Seoul to introduce bus cameras to spot illegally parked cars

Shot courtesy of STA3816 via Wikimedia Commons
Shot courtesy of STA3816 via Wikimedia Commons

In order to address the continuing problem of illegal parking throughout Seoul, the city has begun to implement special bus cameras which will photograph cars that are illegally parked in bus lanes. If the car is photographed in the same illegally parked spot by multiple buses (twice in five minutes), the license information will automatically be transmitted to the authorities who will send the owner a fine. The city of Ulsan started using a similar system back in 2012 with six buses equipped with cameras that has now expanded to fifteen buses. They capture over 80 illegally parked vehicles per day and the amount of illegally parked vehicles has reportedly decreased by 20%. This ensures that buses can make it through their routes in a timely fashion and avoid unnecessary delays.

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