Bonobo @ Rolling Hall 2015

March 7

Bonobo @ Rolling Hall

BonoboBetween a session at Unit in Tokyo and The Studio in Auckland, Bonobo will be stopping by the Rolling Hall in Seoul for a one night set. British musician, producer, and DJ Simon Green, who goes by the stage name Bonobo, has come a long way from producing his early releases that went from pure trip-hop to incorporating jazz, house, and quirky electronic sounds into his records—all while maintaining a witty blend of his signature cut-and-paste tracks. Referred to as one of “new downtempo pioneers,” Bonobo takes listeners into the dreamy atmosphere that he’s curated while still keeping the energy high with his well-crafted house and hip-hop beats. At concerts, the audience can further experience his tracks being played live by a full band with a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, strings, electronics, percussion, and even Green himself on the bass guitar. Doors at Rolling Hall will open at 11:45 pm with an opening set to set the mood and Bonobo soothing the waves from 12:45 am to 2:15 am.