Romance to Revenge on “Birth of a Beauty”

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K-Drama: Romance to Revenge on “Birth of a Beauty”

Words by Soyeon Kimberly Yoon

Romance to Revenge on “Birth of a Beauty”

How a woman uses her beauty as the ultimate weapon for a bloody revenge

Han Ye-seul, definitely one of the best-looking K-Stars, has been absent from the drama industry for three years after her troubled production, Myung-wol the Spy. She finally makes her come back as the lead with Joo Sang-wook for SBS’s weekend drama, Birth of a Beauty.

With her previous experience as a Na Sang-shil (on Couple of Fantasy), fans and viewers had high expectation on Han Ye-seul’s role in the new romantic comedy. So far, she hasn’t only proved her return as the queen of rom-com, but has also made every episode colorful and eye-catching with her fashionable looks.

Birth of a Beauty is a nice blend of the movie ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ and ‘Temptation of Wife’ – Sa Geum-ran (played by Han Ye-seul) is a married woman, who is good in heart and caring but always gets mistreated because of her looks and weight. She lives with her husband’s family and believes her husband is in the states for work. Later, she finds out how he has been actually living in Seoul for the whole time with his mistress and the entire family has been purposely hiding it from Geum-ran, to just simply keep her do the chores at home.

After surviving from terrible accident, Geum-ran realizes how she is not missed by neither her husband nor his family.  Then, she decides to get a major make over with her partner in crime, Han Tae-hee (played by Joo Sang-wook).

Although many viewers have commented on the predictable lines and story, it’s still light and funny drama to enjoy on the weekends. The show is on every Saturday and Sunday night at 9:55 pm on SBS.