Outdoor Beer Garden Opening | Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel

Outdoor Beer Garden at the Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel


You’ve had a long day of work stuck in a stuffy office, it’s 5pm and you’re nearly free to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather that you’ve been staring at through the window. But where do you go to wind down?

The Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel is where! And with the recent opening of their beer garden, you’d be crazy not to go. Sit out in the setting sun or under the shade of a parasol, relax and listen to the trickling water and the cool Summer breeze through the leaves, all while sipping on a cold drink and nibbling on snacks.

And speaking of cold drinks, there’s a wide selection of draft beers and other beverages to choose from.

Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel_Outdoor Beer Garden   From 5pm to 12 midnight you can sample their extensive menu, such as; greens salads, homemade pork Haxen, grilled seafood, assorted sausages, U.S beef kebab, Australian lamb kebab, shrimp kebab, chicken leg kebab, daily special pizza, seasonal fresh fruit, fried chicken wings with cheese sticks and so much more.

Or better yet, try the ‘Beer Garden Package’ and enjoy a BBQ buffet with organic salad buffet, breads, grilled seafood, sausages. You can even upgrade to the unlimited BBQ buffet with a mouth-watering roast beef and all you can drink draft beer, soju and whiskey. This package is available to 50+ groups.

Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel_Outdoor Beer Garden_   Perfect for friends and colleagues alike, the Beer Garden at the Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel is an ideal end to any weekday as you eat, drink and relax under the night sky.

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  • Monday-Friday (5pm-12am)
  • A La Carte Menu: KRW 12,000 – 39,000 (includes 10% service charge and 10% tax)
  • Unlimited BBQ Buffet: KRW 50,000 for 50+ people groups (includes 10% service charge and 10% tax)


For further information you can call the reception desk on 02-2222-8630.

Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel_Outdoor Beer Garen_Blue