Bathroom Gadgets You Probably Need but Don’t Have

How To Be Practical, the KOREAN Way

This land of wonders holds a treasure trove of cheeky gadgets that are difficult to find elsewhere. After all, we do live in the land of portable mini-fans and miniature face-massagers. As ingenious as some of these are, however, they are sometimes extremely not self-explanatory, and half the time we don’t even know they exist. Here are a few of those ingenious items that you probably need but don’t have. 



1. Loofah Party

Everything from the standard fluffy loofah to the famed Italy-towel, Korea has it all when it comes to bathing instruments. Find the perfect bathing towel to suit your every need —


From the conventional..

Screenshot from 2015-10-21 11:53:54
source: Naver Shopping
Screenshot (7)
source: Happy Donald

To colorful sponges..

source: Daelim Bath
source: Daelim Bath
Screenshot (8)
source: Nyahong

To mittens —

Screenshot (10)
source: Momsholic

..and kittens —

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Screenshot (4)
source: Daelim Bath

For those who like the longer towels —

Screenshot (9)
source: Coolguyjin

And finally, for all the Frozen fans out there —

Screenshot from 2015-10-21 11:52:52

source: Naver Shopping

Find your bathroom towel soulmate. This guy, clearly, has found his —

Screenshot from 2015-10-21 11:49:12
source: Daelim Bath




If you hate it when your roommate messes up the toothpaste by squeezing it from the wrong side – your days of torment could be over once and for all. 

With this little gadget..



3. Toothbrush holders

The soggy paste that builds up over time in our toothbrush cups are the absolute worst. Here’s to some great alternatives!


These also, similarly to the loofahs, come in all shapes and sizes. Exude cuteness in every aspect of your life.

Screenshot (11)
source: Yonina
Screenshot (12)
source: Remon Terrace
Screenshot (13)
source: Daelim Bath

A lovely lobster for the lovely couple..

Screenshot (14)
source: Mysonix
Screenshot (16)
source: Daelim Bath


Screenshot (15)
source: Chaeyeon

4. You have no place here, mold!

It is often that we don’t realize how much mold actually builds up in our gargle cups.
This cutie of a cup will take care of itself! 

After you’re done gargling..
… just flip it over! (thumbs up for a natural drying process)


5. Soap Maintenance

Soap maintenance requires a great science. You will often find that the average plastic holder does not do the soap much justice, as a good chunk of it just dissolves into nothingness. With these sponges, you will see your soap lead a long, happy life.



Lastly, a few of the more uncommon inventions to pick your brain —

6. Mirror Wiper

Car lovers, fancy that!

Screenshot (18)
source: Myeongjin Art

7. The Toilet Paper Guardian

It will guard your toilet paper with its life – preventing it from getting wet, and also guarding it from anyone who dares to steal it. 

Screenshot (19)

Enjoy the Korean life of luxury.