ActiveX Internet Security Plug-ins to be Removed


For a long time, Korean websites have used ActiveX (a software framework created by Microsoft for use with programs like Internet Explorer) security plug-ins that were required for users to utilize shopping and bank/credit accounts online. This type of security has been a source of constant discontent from those attempting to make monetary transactions online in Korea. With Windows 8 and 8.1 no longer supporting browsing with ActiveX framework and support for Internet Explorer set to decline, Korean companies have begun shifting the responsibility of internet security from ActiveX plug-ins to .exe (executable) software installed on the users computers. Several companies like Woori and BC have already removed ActiveX requirements from their sites and more plan to follow suit later this week. The government will announce the removal of ActiveX from all public website later this month. They hope to develop newer technologies to aid in keeping online transactions secure. Only time will tell if the new methods of internet security are a step in the right direction or simply moving from the frying pan and jumping into the fire.