A Little Comedy for Your Kitchen

Retired Article: Info from 2014

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Retired Article: Info from 2014

Words by Nick Scherf

Dear 10 Magazine,

I recently re-signed for another year at my school, so I decided to buy some new things for my kitchen to make it feel homier. I have tons of amazing Korean kitchenware from Insa-dong. Now I am looking for some things with a little character. My friends always say I have “eclectic tastes,” and you always have such nifty items. Could you recommend some out-of-the-ordinary, yet affordable things?


Uncommon Kitchen (28 y.o., Hyewha, Seoul)

Dear Uncommon Kitchen,

Congratulations on your decision to stay! Based on what your friends have said, it sounds like you’re as obsessed with clever and amusing products as us. Plus, we love helping our readers make their experience in Korea more comfortable, convenient, and fun. So we’d definitely be happy to give you suggestions on lighthearted kitchen items to fit your tastes.


10 Magazine

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1. Don’t monkey around with the freshness of your wine. Fred and Friend’s Banana Wine Bottle Stopper will extend the life of your vino and garner smiles along the way. The food-grade silicone ensures the seal is airtight. It’s also flexible, an important aspect when you’re rearranging your fridge to fit that leftover pinot grigio. acatonroof.com Shot courtesy of A Cat on Roof

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2. Everyone loves pizza, but it’s not always easy to find that perfectly cut slice. With these aerodynamic Pizza Clippers, from Salimjangee, you can easily cut and lift each slice of a typical pizza and transfer it to a plate. Use one hand to guide the slice onto the device, and cut through using the comfortable scissors. salimj.co.kr  Shot courtesy of Salimjangee

DSC00701 3_1
3. Every day, Fred and Friend’sMr. Tea Infuser enjoys his hot tub—your mug of hot water. Fill his silicone pants with your favorite tea for the perfect cup. It is recommended that you choose a tea with larger leaves, as the holes are a tad large. Also, put him in the mug first, add the tea second, and then pour the hot water in waist length. acatonroof.com Shot courtesy of A Cat on Roof



4. Processed citrus juices aren’t the same as freshly squeezed juice straight from the source. But the cutting and squeezing is such a pain. What’s the solution? Simply pop Manhattan-based Quirky’sStem into any citrus using the tools serrated teeth. Then spray your food for a flawless distribution of taste. croberry.com Shot courtesy of Cronberry



5. Sure, this cake knife and server by P’s of Cake looks a little “cheesy.” Nevertheless, who doesn’t love the perfectly cut piece of cake? The 100 percent nano-material keeps the item from wear and tear. This Taiwanese item recently won the German Red Dot Design Award. ideapot.kr Shot courtesy of Ideapot

Apple Peeler

6. Cooking with apples is now much easier thanks to Designever’sApple Peeler and Slicer set. First, peel an apple of most any size. Then slice and core the apple using the second tool. This utensil is great for those who love recipes calling for apples. Plus, the slicer is convenient on its own to remove that pesky core. designever.co.kr Shot courtesy of Design Ever



7. Being cold-hearted isn’t usually a good thing. That is unless you’re an ice cube made by Fred and Friend’sHeart-Shaped Ice Molds. This playful, two-piece mold is made of silicone. It snaps together to keep the water in one spot. Remember, the water will expand into the mold as it freezes. Shot courtesy of Fred & Friends


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8. The freshest herbs are always best. Preserve yours with Prepara’sHerb Savor. Inside the base is a stainless-steel basket filled with water in which your herbs sit. This provides the irrigation to keep your plants healthy. This product is proven to extend the life of your herbs for up to three weeks! grobal.co.kr Shot Courtesy of Globe Version