A Delicious, New Korean Way to Cure Your Hangover!


Waking up after a long night out is always rough, especially if the empty bottles of soju are piled higher than Seoul Tower. In this state you moan and think to yourself: “I need one thing, a hangover cure.” There are many natural techniques recommended to combatting a hangover: drink lots of water, eat a big breakfast, get some fresh air, etc… In addition, there are many products, like pills or herbal drinks, that claim to soothe an alcohol induced headache, but chances are they taste like swamp juice.

Hangover or not, no one likes drinking swamp juice.

So, next time you walk into the convenient store down the street with your head a little fuzzy and your stomach a little woozy, walk past the herbal drinks and head right for the ice cream freezer.

That’s right, ice cream; sweet, cool, refreshing ice cream.


Besides the fact that ice cream is delicious, the new 견뎌바, translated as “Hang in there,” ice cream bar is sold with the intention to soothe hangovers. 

Developed by a Korean convenient store chain, WithMe, the ice cream bar was developed for those who love enjoying big nights out, but don’t have the freedom to always take the following day off to recover. This sweet treat uses raisin-tree fruit juice and grapefruit, two ingredients found in traditional Korean cooking books from the 17th century. With a soft and light texture in combination with the refreshing flavor, consumers enjoy this method of soothing their hangovers over other herbal hangover-soothing drinks.