5 Unique Meat Dishes In Itaewon To Experience

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Want to satisfy that carnivorous craving in you, but you don’t want that same old steak or the same old BBQ pork ribs? If you want to try something new then you might want to try one of these five unique meat dishes representatives from around the Yongsan district. From chicken to lamb, pork to fish, these different types of meat are skillfully prepared to appease to your meaty loving palate and to serve up new flavors that you have yet to savor and enjoy.

Thai Inspired Tilapia | Craftworks Taphouse Gyeongridan

Our healthy recommendation is Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro’s Thai Inspired Tilapia. Hinting the characteristic aromas of the curry spices, citric and a dash of coconut that Thai cuisine has, this poached Tilapia filet packs up a flavorful freshness with a kick of heat to make it even more savory.

Afterwards why not wash it all down with a cool and crisp beer by choosing from their substantial line of handcrafted signature brews. Then all that’s left is to kickback and relax on the patio and feel the cool Summer breeze on your face.



Authentic Thai Roasted Duck | Bua Itaewon

Bua is an authentic Thai restaurant that has been specializing in traditional handmade Thai curry for the last two and a half years. Their curry has become the inspiration of newer dishes such as the Handmade Red Curry with Thai Roasted Duck. The ground spices and the roasted duck are simmered together, flavoring this unique and rich curry. Bua’s Thai Roasted Duck is marinated in a special sauce 24 hours before cooking. The cooking process is slow, creating an authentic and savory addition to the curry. Experience the scent of simmering spices and the richness of roast duck together in this elegant dish.

Bua’s Authentic Thai Roasted Duck Salad is also well worth a try. Inspired by a classic Thai recipe that has been reinvented for the modern palate, the dressing is what makes this salad delicious. The salad is comprised of Thai Roasted Duck and a variety of fruits and greens drizzled in the classic dressing. Spice up your summer at Bua with the fragrant and irresistible flavors of Thai cuisine!bua


Bunny Chow | Braai Republic Itaewon

Braai Republic is a South African-run restaurant that boasts a menu of authentic and tasty dishes from the heart of South Africa. Since 2011, Braai Republic has been a popular stomping ground for not only South Africans living in Seoul, but also meat-loving expats! Braai is the South African word for barbecue and evokes the coming together of various peoples. The restaurant fulfills its mission of multicultural, warm deliciousness through its signature dishes such as lamb chops, homemade sausages and freshly baked meat pies.

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Braai Republic is now getting popular for its Bunny Chow, a new traditional Durban street food item. It is a rich and satisfying dish of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled to the brim with flavorful lamb curry. Bunny Chow is only available on the weekends, and there are usually only around ten available to order. Be sure to get there early to get a taste! Become a part of the Braai community, and experience South African hospitality at the fullest.


braai republic itaewon bunny chow

Il Capo Burger | Maloney’s Pub & Grill Gyeongridan

Maloney’s Pub & Grill opened five years ago by a Boston born Irish-American and has served imported beer from all around the world, continuously providing tasty food and house made brews, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere with an eclectic clientele.

Who doesn’t like a good burger? Maloney’s are well known for their mouth-watering burgers but you may not have heard about their new homemade Italian sausage, “Il Capo”, named after an American Navy Chief who passed on her recipe to the bar. Made with marinara sauce, grilled peppers, mozzarella cheese then wrapped in a soft baguette and served with hand cut fries, this is sure to satisfy your meat cravings.

Then top it off with one of their in house beers such as the Sláinte Ale, a mixture of Irish Red Ale and Slow Blended IPA. So drop in, who knows, you might just get a drink or dish named after you.


Dak On Fire Chicken Pizza | Bonny’s Pizza Pub Haebangchon

Providing good American style pizza for more than three years, a popular pizza joint with a variety of hand made pizzas as well as a large variety of bottled beer as well as some good quality draft beers such as heretic and lost coast brewery, Bonny’s pizza pub is the place to get your grub on!

Want to heat things up a bit? Time to try the Spicy Chicken pizza or “Dak on Fire” then, a combination of chili sauce and spicy chicken pieces, capsicum, onion, chopped jalapeño peppers and a heavy layer of cheese.

So if you’re missing that American flavor, pay Bonny a visit, bring some friends, grab a slice, pop a beer open and enjoy the atmosphere, you will feel right at home.

bonny's pub