5 Seoul-based Instagram Foodies You Need To Follow

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In Korean, a great restaurant is referred to as a matjib (맛집), which is an abbreviation of “맛있는 집” or “delicious spot.” There seems to be an endless number of fantastic restaurants to explore in Seoul. In fact, it’s easy to find a local restaurant to grab a quick bite, but it’s always challenging for newcomers to figure out exactly where to go and find the “perfect” spot to satisfy those cravings and try something new.

There are many food bloggers who are based off in South Korea but there’s a reason why these well-known bloggers get all the followers and attention. They provide a resourceful platform to share these great food suggestions for both locals and tourists. At 10 Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Seoul-based foodie Instagrammers who will help you find some of the best matjibs in the city. So, whether you’re looking for local spots that serve the best Korean food, or a place that will give you a taste of home, let’s get started by counting down from 5. 

5. Zenkimchi | 12.6k Followers

4. Seoul_eats | 13.3k Followers

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일본에 100여개의 매장이 있는 야키니쿠도라지의 한국 분점으로 직접 공수해 온 야키니쿠를 화로에 직접 구워 먹을 수 있는 곳! – #야키니쿠도라지 : 서울 강남구 역삼동 601-7 (@yakiniku_toraji ) – #분위기 : 퀄리티가 너무 좋아 매일 북새통을 이루는 곳! 예약은 필수에요~ – #추천메뉴 #와규꽃등심 200g 38,000원 #호르몬모둠 300g 28,900원 #모둠소금구이 300g 29,800원 #도라지모둠 300g 35,800원 – #삼각지맛집 #삼각지 #용산맛집 #왁자지껄 #소주 #맥주 #술이한잔 #생각날때 #포차 #맛집 #인스타푸드 #서울맛집 #먹스타그램 #맛스타그램 #foodstagram

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3. Fat Girl’s Food Guide | 13.8K Followers


2. Tasty_Food1004 | 77.5k Followers 


1. Greed Eat | 563k Followers



Also, don’t forget about our humble foodstagram!

10magfood | 4.6K Followers


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