2017 National South Korean Holidays

korean holiday chuseok

Few countries can top South Korea when it comes to its workaholic culture. But as much as Koreans know how to work hard, they know how to play hard. You can easily witness this through their unbeatable nightlife, their 24 hour everythings, their seemingly endless supply of places to go and things to do.

In celebration of the upcoming new year, 10mag presents to you the national South Korean holidays of 2017. Listed below are the “red days” (빨간날) of the new year (called such because they’re marked in red on Korean calendars).

Date Day Holiday Name Type of Holiday
Jan 1 Sunday New Year’s Day (뉴이어스 데이) National Holiday
Jan 27 Friday Seollal (설날) National Holiday
Jan 28 Saturday Seollal (설날) National Holiday
Jan 30 Monday Seollal (설날) National Holiday
Mar 1 Wednesday March 1st Movement (삼일절) National Holiday
May 1 Monday Labour Day (근로가의 날) Bank Holiday
May 3 Wednesday Buddha’s Birthday (석가탄신일) National Holiday
May 5 Friday Children’s Birthday (어린이날) National Holiday
Jun 6 Tuesday Memorial Day (현충일) National holiday
Aug 15 Tuesday Liberation Day (광복절) National holiday
Oct 3 Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival(추석) & National Foundation Day (개천절)  National holiday
Oct 4 Wednesday Mid-Autumn Festival  (추석) National holiday
Oct 5 Thursday Mid-Autumn Festival (추석) National holiday
Oct 6 Friday Mid-Autumn Festival (추석) National holiday
Oct 9 Monday Hangul Day (한글날) National holiday
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Day (크리스마스) National holiday