2016 Bon Iver Live in Seoul

It’s difficult to find commentary on Bon Iver that doesn’t mention how a heartbroken Justin Vernon, recovering from mononucleosis hepatitis, retreated into a snowy cabin in the woods and emerged with the beginnings of a deeply introspective and visceral album.

Coupled with the singer-songwriter’s stirring falsetto, it’s easy to see why the story makes for such an enduring image. Simply put, the sentimental tale makes the sonic experience all the more
cathartic for its audience. However, in subsequent works that followed the Grammy Award-winning album For Emma, Forever Ago, it becomes clear that Justin Vernon has long moved on.

Described as an “ambitious musical departure” from his 2007 album, Bon Iver sheds some of its folk status and, along with it, the overarching theme of loss. The effect is a varied, layered, less lonely, and ultimately more sophisticated sound. Those still clinging to the romanticized cabin narrative will be pleased to find threads of it in Vernon’s voice.

It remains intimately hushed and raw with his unique diction leading to a soulful ambience. Even with the increased focus on the band, the earthy voice shines through.

The band will only stop in Seoul for one night before resuming their first Asian tour which closes out in Hong Kong the following month. With early bird tickets having sold out, concert-goers can
expect to pay W90,000 in advance and W100,000 at the door.

AX Hall Korea. 7 pm. From W90,000. ticket.yes24.com. info@fakevirgin.com, 1544-6399.

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