10 Craziest Korean Driving Cam Videos

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We all know that taking on the Korean traffic scene is a matter of whether you’d like to survive the day or not… Check out our top picks for the craziest Korean driving videos right here!


Abort mission, back it up, back it up, back the **** up!


It’s like slowing down never even crossed his mind.


I’m not generally one to back up the whole “female driver = bad driver” trope, but… who gave this woman a driver’s licence?


Uhh.. She’s getting back up right? That’s right, just walk it off, you go girl!


Oops, did I hit anything? Probably just a bump in the road, better keep going!


It probably seemed like a completely safe evaluation to do a driveby between two cars.


If this didn’t take at least 10 years of your life in pure horror, I don’t know what to tell you.



oops, bit of dirt in the road there, better try to avoid that… there we go, yep, keep going!


You think the worst is over and then it just keeps going.


“Scuse me, sorry, coming through! Excuse me, just gonna do a u-turn right here, sorry let me just squeeze through here…”

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