The 10 Coolest Things at the Seoul Design Festival

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The Seoul Design Festival 2014

So yesterday was the first day of the Seoul Design Festival, and we decided to pop in to see what the hottest items being showcased were. Now we love good design, but the gear we liked the most provided both form and function. Have a look at some of the unique things on display that make us go, “Oh, that’s cooool!”

Make your plans to check out these and many more inspired items at the Seoul Design Festival, running at the COEX’s Hall B until this Sunday. Keep in mind that not many people speak English, but hey, design transends language, huh?

1. Pattern Tape

tape, pattern, creative, chain

Why should the police be the only ones who can pattern their tape? If you have a business that’s really trying to add some flair to it’s packaging, here’s a great way to do it.

2. USB Humidifier

USB plugin humidfier

Here’s a way to take care of the humidity at your desk and leave everyone else in the cold. This mini-humidifier plugs into any USB socket for power, making it about as convenient and portable as it gets, and saves you from spending money on chap stick this winter.

3. Story Socks

Story Socks

Story socks in box

Want to inspire your friend with a little something? These interesting “story socks” are a fun way to give someone a message. Obviously no one will be too happy about getting the obesity socks, so there’s a little culture gap to be experienced with some of the stories, but it’s a clever idea for socks.



4. Phone Holder

Holding Case

Wallet Phone HandleHere’s a fun way to help make sure you don’t drop your phone. Attach this on the back and you’ll have a good grip on it for sure. There’s also a wallet version so you can keep a few essentials with you and leave your back-disfiguring wallet at home.




5. Modular Furnishings – Bed & Desk Combo

2014-11-26 17.01.54In a horizontally-challenged country like Korea, perhaps the best idea is to go vertical with your furniture. This company put together some terrific combinations of furniture and this desk/bed can make your one-room feel like you’re living in a mansion. (Yeah, please forgive the hyperbole.)

6. The Pillow Notebook

2014-11-26 17.00.37

We’ve all been there. Hard at work studying after lunch and you just can’t keep your eyes open after that Korean carbohydrate-fest that you just experienced. Don’t worry about it anymore, as you can just lay your head down on your pillow notebook and have a quick 20 winks and then crack the books back open all refreshed.


7. Combo Notebook Case & Phone/Wallet Cases

assemble table chairs 2014-11-26 17.01.44

Flower pen

These were there in abundance, and there were all different combinations and designs. Pick your favorite and drop one of the abundance of cases that you are carrying today.

8. The Flower Pen2014-11-26 17.02.19

Want to add a nice decoration and keep someone from walking away with your pen at the same time? These pretty scented fake flowers have a pen for a stem, so you can leave them sitting on your desk and surprise someone when they ask you for a pen and you hand them the flower decoration on your desk.

9. Pen Pads

Pen Pads

For those of you who are designers, these can be life savers. Designing with a mouse is about as fun as curling your hair with hot iron rods. For the right job, you need the right tool, and there are some great discounts to be had on pen pads that will allow you to draw just like Picasso (assuming the skills anyway).

10. Coloring Wall

Wall Drawing

If you’ve got kids, then you want this thing. Let them do what they’ve always wanted to do – color the walls! Put monster poster up and you can entertain them for hours and finally get in that shower that you’ve been putting off for a few days.