2014 Road Fighting Championship

Words by Judith Villarreal
Photography by Corey Doughty

2014 Road Fighting Championship Korea Chiak Stadium

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Wonju, South Korea hosted the 2014 Road Fighting Championship on May 31st at the Chiak Stadium. The doors opened to the eager public at 4:50 and the first of the YoungGun fights began at 6:00 pm. The first fight of the night between Young Guns Kang Sung Mok and Yoo Jaw­Hak was preceded by a theatrical display of each fighter which included pyrotechnics, blood­pumping music, and bubbly ring girls. Each fighter presentation fueled the audience’s excitement as the hours passed and sweat was shed, all leading up to the main event between Seo Doo­Won and Joachim Hansen. The crowd gasped as the main fighters were introduced and led into the cage. Seo vs Hansen fight was a highly anticipated rematch, with Hansen winning last year. Both men were pumped up yet focused on the prize. Hansen and Seo joined in the center to listen to the referee explain the rules they already have memorized by heart. After a bow to one another, the first round bell was rung and the match had begun. Seconds within the first round, Seo landed a deep right hook across Hansen’s chin, ultimately knocking him out. Hansen tried to fight the call that was inevitable and staggered toward the links of the cage, trying his best to regain his composure, but it was over. The crowd cheered and celebrated as Seo was declared the winner by knockout. He gratefully accepted the win as he fell to his knees and performed the sign of the cross. During his short interview, a dismayed Hansen answered questions about the short fight. “Well, this is MMA. You win some, and you lose some. That’s the way it is,” he said before bowing to Seo and leaving the cage. The energy of the crowd could be felt as fans left the stadium happy that one of their own had won the main event.